Secure Outlook Email Attachments

Verschlüsselungs App
crypted-email: We're making your Microsoft Outlook more secure.
A simple way to encrypt your office attachments.

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Security by open and transparent technology, free user applications and professional back-end solutions.
We produce software for a connected world to keep you safe - and publish the source code to proof it.
encrypt folders

Crypted.Pro: Create groups, invite friends and colleauges, drop files and folders into it and use the secure messaging service for groups.
Verschlüsselungs App
Crypted.App: Simple drag & drop for Mac, Windows and Linux. For the casual secure file.
Verschlüsselungs App
Encrypted Cloud Folder: Secure your Dropbox, Google Drive. This software encrypts files automaticly. Providers like Dropbox can not read your files. Encryption and decryption will be done on your local machine.